Collective Liberation

Hearts Out of Joint

My latest podcast for The Word Is Resistance wrestles with Jacob wrestling the stranger at the Jabbok and Jesus healing and feeding multitudes of people after learning his cousin John has been executed.  All of that as lessons and resources for white folk staying in the discomfort of confronting white supremacy (including in ourselves) and resisting reacting from “white fragility.”

What I mean is, when we wrestle with whiteness,
Perhaps we will come to realize
that “white” is not the name given to us by the Divine.

And it will hurt, to realize this.

It will hurt like a heart out of joint,
to stay awake and aware
To the harm white supremacy does every day,
How it shows up everywhere, all the time,
Including in us.

We will not be the same once we choose to wrestle,
Beside our own rivers,
In the liminal time between night and day.


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