Collective Liberation

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Here are my latest offerings for our “The Word Is Resistance” podcast.”

“The Song of the Divine Feminine” may be my favorite one so far.

We are meant to desire Her.
And so we’re clear, the Greek here
Is exactly the kind of desire you hope I’m not talking about,
But I am.
That physical yearning, that embodied longing and passion.
Which is to say,
We aren’t talking about instruction that produces intellectual knowledge,
Rather, a knowing that we know in our bodies, in our bones.
We are meant to know Lady Wisdom in our bodies,
The way in my herbal studies lineage we are taught
To get to know herbs not by reading about them,
But by drinking their tea, anointing with their oil,
Carrying them in our pockets and bosoms,
Sleeping and dreaming and journeying with them.
To know rose, that flower so closely associated with the Divine Feminine,
in our bodies, long before we ever know her in our intellects.
It’s the kind of knowing not valued by white supremacy,
Which is all intellect and control and certainty.

Embodied knowledge. Desire.
She hastens, the text says, she hastens
To those who desire Her,
To know Her down in our bones.

And now, just in time for the Imperial “holiday” this week, 3 of us who contribute to the podcast got “together” (via Zoom) and talked about it.  Lots of good stuff!


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