Collective Liberation

Remembering Dr. Vincent Harding

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Dr. Vincent Harding’s passing.  I was humbled and honored to be asked to preach at a service in his honor at Iliff School of Theology this week, organized with immense love and care by the National Association of Pan-African Students.  My sermon, with the sacred texts that were read,… Continue reading Remembering Dr. Vincent Harding


Collective Liberation

Peter’s Betrayal: Shepherd or Thief?

“So here’s my question. If Jesus is the gate, If having life abundantly is the gate For anyone and everyone inside the sheepfold …and there’s no reason to believe he doesn’t mean Anyone and everyone as in ALL of us, Then is the letter of 1st Peter a good shepherd? Or is it a thief… Continue reading Peter’s Betrayal: Shepherd or Thief?

Collective Liberation

Palm Sunday: Why Do We Tell This Story?

But it’s invisible to us now. Made invisible to us, Disappeared behind Constantine’s sword And stories reduced to piety tales about how I can get my little individual sins forgiven And we wave our little palms Smile at the children in their little parades And crown Jesus who never wore a crown In our sanctuaries… Continue reading Palm Sunday: Why Do We Tell This Story?