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New Offering from FierceRev Remedies!

Plants and People: Practicing Our Way Back to Belonging What does it mean to be human? Why are we here? Where are we going? What sustains us on that journey? How can being in relationship with plants help us with these questions? Join us in this co-learning space facilitated by Rev. Anne Dunlap, founder of… Continue reading New Offering from FierceRev Remedies!

Collective Liberation · Herbal Ally Love

Wash Your Hands, Nourish Your Adrenals, Love Your Neighbor

Beloveds, Last week, as I came to grips with the seriousness of our situation with the spread of Covid-19 (including our administration’s cruel and incompetent response), and felt my own anxiety, fear, and panic rise as I went to our grocery store for our regular weekly needs and saw bare shelves (and came home with… Continue reading Wash Your Hands, Nourish Your Adrenals, Love Your Neighbor

Collective Liberation · Herbal Ally Love

Confessing to Plants

I wrote this for today’s “Pastoral is Political” for the RevGalBlogPals blog.  Please give it a read!  Responding to the climate crisis has to including changing our relationship to the earth and all its inhabitants, including plants.  It boggles my mind that people are giving Union Seminary such a hard time for doing just this. … Continue reading Confessing to Plants

Collective Liberation

Peter’s Betrayal: Shepherd or Thief?

“So here’s my question. If Jesus is the gate, If having life abundantly is the gate For anyone and everyone inside the sheepfold …and there’s no reason to believe he doesn’t mean Anyone and everyone as in ALL of us, Then is the letter of 1st Peter a good shepherd? Or is it a thief… Continue reading Peter’s Betrayal: Shepherd or Thief?