Word & Workshops

I’m a pastor, activist/organizer, teacher, ritualist, and herbal warrior.  Caretaker of Word and Sacrament. I preach. I teach. I craft ritual in community.  I love to facilitate liberating space together.  Here are some ideas and options, with a fee schedule; online possibilities also welcome! Please expect to reimburse travel outside of the Buffalo, NY area.  Don’t quite see what you’re imagining here?  Let’s talk about it!

Scheduled for 2022 (contact me for more details):

  • In-person rituals for Summer & Winter Solstice, Samhain, and thanksgiving Reparation
  • In-person classes:  Loving your Nervous System (April), and Cold & Flu Care (October)
  • In-person herbal nature rambles:  May and September
  • Online herbal & vocational mentoring; ongoing and special offering coming November 2022

Shorter Workshop/Presentation (45 minutes-1.5 hours):  $150
Sample topics include:

  • Esther, Power and Resistance
  • Reading Romans as Resistance
  • Herbs and Healing from Whiteness
  • Reimagining the World Without Police

Presentation + Facilitated Workshop (2-3 hours):  $350

Pulpit Supply/Other Preaching:  $150

Hands-On Herbal Remedy Workshops:  $20/person
Sample topics include:

  • The Elements of Herbal Self-Care
  • Herbs for Stress and Healing
  • Cold & Flu Care

I would love to be in conversation with you about any of the above, or another possibility you may have in mind.  Please contact me here and I will be in touch!