Word & Workshops

I’m a pastor, activist/organizer, teacher, ritualist, and herbal warrior.  Caretaker of Word and Sacrament. I preach. I teach. I craft ritual in community.  I would love to come to your community to facilitate some liberating space together.  Here are some ideas and options, with a fee schedule. Please expect to reimburse travel outside of the Buffalo, NY area.  Don’t quite see what you’re imagining here?  Let’s talk about it!

Sermon-Presentation (45 minutes-1 hour):  $250
Sample topics include:

  • Esther, Power and Resistance
  • Reading Romans as Resistance
  • Psalms:  What Does it Mean to be Human?

Presentation + Facilitated Workshop (2-3 hours):  $350

Pulpit Supply/Other Preaching:  $150

Hands-On Herbal Remedy Workshops:  $20/person
Sample topics include:

  • The Elements of Herbal Self-Care
  • Herbs for Stress and Healing

I would love to be in conversation with you about any of the above, or another possibility you may have in mind.  Please contact me here and I will be in touch!