Collective Liberation

The Truth Will Set Us Free

My Dearest, Beloved White Folk ~

I see our dismay, our confusion, our anger, our fear, our grief.

I share it.  I feel it. I shook with weeping until early hours of the morning.

I hear us.  I hear our lament:  Is this who we are? As a country? As a people?

The hardest thing we have to hear today is this:  What has been laid bare in the ascendancy of trumpism in this election season is who we are.  Laid. Bare.

People of color have been trying to tell us this forever.  This knotted putrid mass of white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, all of it, is who we have been from the arrival of Europeans on this continent.  We have never stopped being this.  As a student of mine says, it is blood, all the way down.

This truth, about who we are, has been hidden from us, in so many ways.  We have been lied to.  On purpose.  (If you’re angry about anything, be angry about that.)

And now, this truth is laid bare before us.  We cannot hide from it any longer.

And so now is our moment.  Now is the moment of truth.  Now we know what Jesus meant when he told us, “the truth will set us free.”

Because now we see the blood, all the way down, and know.  Now we are awake.

This, this truth, is what we MUST face, if we are ever to be free.

And here’s the thing.

This truth is not all of who we are.  It is the truth, but not the whole truth.

There may be blood all the way down, but there is also resistance, all the way down.

Hear these words of Dr. Vincent Harding:


Both excerpts from “There Is A River: The Black Struggle for Freedom in America.”

So let’s face all of this, together.  Let’s stand in the river, together.  Let’s call upon the ancestors, call upon all the revolutionary resources we have — prayer, ceremony, ritual, civil disobedience, community, food, songs, all of it — together.  Together.  Supremacy systems want to keep us divided, isolated, despairing.  We can resist that by joining together, finding each other, and working to tear down these supremacy systems and build up a new world, once and for all. For All.

We need each other now, more than ever.  If you need help, talk to me, message me, let’s have coffee or sit down for a consult even and figure out herbs to help us in this struggle.

We remember that our course is freedom. Collective liberation, for all.

With immense love for all our aching, beating hearts.


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