Herbal Ally Love

Medicine Making

A few weeks ago I was on retreat in Crestone, CO.  One of my favorite things to do is start herbal remedies in that sacred space, especially infused oils and honeys that can soak up the gorgeous sunlight in all the south-facing windows.  Here’s what I started for you while I was there.  You can click on all of these to see them in their large glory.

Rose and Hibiscus infused honey.  By now the honey is a gorgeous deep purpley-red color, I’ll need to post an update!  The honey will go into a honegar (honey-apple cider vinegar blend) with yarrow that I call Warrior Nourisher.  The blue cloth there is a Brat Bride, Brigid’s blue set outside overnight on Imbolc (Brigid’s Feast Day). The story is that Brigid walks the earth that night, and a cloth left outside will be infused with her healing power. In this picture and below, the brat bride is from my dear teacher, infused at Imbolc in Ireland this year.


The trio of herbal-infused oils that go into my Warrior Balm:  (l-r) Rose, Comfrey, and Borage.  They’ll soak up sun energy until the Scorpio full moon next month, when I will let them soak up moon energy as well.  For a solar/lunar balance.  The Rose jar with the sweet sticker is also from my teacher, who accidentally (?) left it behind in my car when she visited Denver in March.

Here we have tinctures on an altar I create on a shelf in my hermitage.  This is out of direct sunlight but still quite visible, and I add things to it during the week. The blue cloth here is my brat bride.  Now that these are still soaking at home, they are wrapped in this cloth under the altar in our prayer room.

Left to right, we have Yarrow in apple cider vinegar (to go with the honey above).  Then whiskey tinctures of Red Raspberry, Hawthorn leaf/berry, and Rose, for my Whole Heart tincture.

All herbal remedies I craft with great intention.  These should be ready in a month or so, let me know if you would like some!


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