Collective Liberation · Herbal Ally Love

Confessing to Plants

I wrote this for today’s “Pastoral is Political” for the RevGalBlogPals blog.  Please give it a read!  Responding to the climate crisis has to including changing our relationship to the earth and all its inhabitants, including plants.  It boggles my mind that people are giving Union Seminary such a hard time for doing just this.  Also check out my latest podcast for more on how white folks can recover our relationship to the earth.

There is nothing heretical about acknowledging our mutual beingness with the rest of the created world, including the plants that heal us, nourish us, uplift us, sustain us. The biblical witness is clear that trees clap, mountains sing, and fields are jubilant when justice is restored, and that all of creation is inhabited by Divine breath and has the capacity to praise. Also clear is that creation — the land and plants — suffers under oppression (e.g. Jer 4, Is 24).




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