Collective Liberation

Remembering Dr. Vincent Harding

We will never not need you, Dr. Harding.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Dr. Vincent Harding’s passing.  I was humbled and honored to be asked to preach at a service in his honor at Iliff School of Theology this week, organized with immense love and care by the National Association of Pan-African Students.  My sermon, with the sacred texts that were read, is my “The Word Is Resistance” podcast for this week.  You can also watch the livestream of the whole service, which includes amazing music and story-telling, here.

Also, I wrote a brief reflection about Dr. Harding for the RevGals this week here.

He is present to me every day. Every day.  Every. Day.

From the sermon:

“Dr. Harding,
How did you do it?
With all that you saw and lived and bore,
How were you not just angry all the time, bitter?

Dr. Harding,
How did you love us,
The magnificent mess that we are, as you liked to say,
How did you love us so much,
So much?

There is a river,
A river that moves towards freedom.”


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