Collective Liberation

Latest Podcast

In my latest podcast I reflect on the Exodus story of the Golden Calf, freedom, and the 10th Anniversary of our protest against the columbus day parade here in Denver (I first wrote about that here).

See, going in, I had certain assumptions
About the way things are.
How things would go.
I assumed, for example,
That wearing a stole meant police would treat me with respect.
That my stole would keep me safe.
That by following all the proper non-violent direct action practices
Police would not hurt us.
That if we ended up going to court,
That the court would be fair. That I’d get to have my say.

 None of those things were true…

Even as a long-time activist even 10 years ago,
I was content in my assumptions.
I thought I had left Egypt, you see,
But I carried their gold and melted it down into a god
Called white comfort, white safety, white assumptions
That systems will always work for me.

With such a significant anniversary the memories are quite awake right now, so I’m leaning even more into rose for nourishment through it than I usually do.

Anyway, here’s the podcast.  Also, if you haven’t, you should listen to the other folks too, they are super smart and have so much good stuff to say.


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