Collective Liberation

Are We Brave Enough?

Here’s a thing I wrote for a forthcoming Lent reflection guide focusing on on white supremacy as it presents as violence against Black/brown bodies.  The book includes 46 brief reflections on the lectionary by people of color, women, and queer/trans* folk, and we’re sharing this sample to start getting the word out.  The guide is a project of SURJ-Faith (which I coordinate), Movement in Faith, and Seminary of the Street.  Follow the link to learn how to sign up for updates!

What if Jesus is addressing this to the Greeks precisely because of their privilege? As if to say, are you ready for what it takes to be part of this movement? If you love your Greek life, that’s death. But if you hate what Greekness does to you, then that’s life, forever. If you really want to “see” me, to follow me, that’s the deal.

What if that’s what Jesus means?

Read more here!


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