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FierceRev Remedies is Growing!

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Happy Imbolc!  I’m excited to announce that I have started a Patreon to build community and support for FierceRev Remedies.  Here’s a bit about why I’m doing that:

I’ve been an activist-organizer for over 30 years, a pastor for 10, and an herbalist-in-the-making for 8. Over that time I have done everything from political education, to leading vigils, to traveling to massacre sites in Central America and the US, to innumerable marches, to testifying before elected officials, to providing security for actions, to tending to trauma after actions, to detention visitation, to accompanying undocumented folks to ICE check-ins, to getting arrested to…whew. Y’all, it’s a long list! There’s so much more that’s led to me being called “the Fierce Good Reverend of the Revolution” (hence, “FierceRev”).

In 2019, I want to take on that mantle of 30 years of experience and wisdom and offer it back in a new way. So, I am shifting from being focused on front-line activism and organizing, to focus more deeply on teaching, mentoring, and healing as my contribution to the freedom movement. Your support will nourish this transition and assure this work has the broadest impact.

You can read more, and the options for how to be a dandelion (i.e. how to join the FierceRev Patreon community) right here.  Thank you!


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